Impact Hubs in London

Since 2006 w00rk has been involved in all 4 Impact Hubs in London. From founding members of Impact Hub Islington and strategic designer of Impact Hub King's Cross to designer, operator and shareholder of Impact Hubs Westmister and Brixton.

2006年以来、Impact Hub Islingtonの創設、Impact Hub King's Crossの戦略デザイナー、Impact Hubs WestminsterおよびImpact Hub Brixtonの設計者、運営者、株主として、w00rkはロンドンの4つのインパクト・ハブに関わっています。


Impact Hub Islington

LOCATION: Old Street St., London
CLIENT: London Borough of Islington
TYPOLOGY: Design, Build, Operate
FLOOR AREA: 2,500 sq. ft.

The original Impact Hub (then 'The Hub') was set up in 2006 by a group of social entrepreneurs and was originally housed in a loft behind Angel Station. It started a world wide movement which has since evolved into +80 Impact Hubs globally. w00rk were founding members of Impact Hub Islington and later took on the ownership and management of the company, converting it into a Community Interest Company (CIC). In 2016 Impact Hub Islington entered into a collaboration with Islington City Council and local arts charities in order to set up a creative industries hub off Old Street round-about. In 2017 the move was made to the new site in Dingley Place. 

Impact Hub Islington

ロケーション: Old Street St., London
クライアント:London Borough of Islington
分野:Design, Build, Operate

オリジナルの”The Hub”は、2006年に社会起業家集団によって設立され、もともとはAngel Stationの裏手にある倉庫に位置していました。それ以降、世界中で100以上のImpact Hubが展開するというグローバルな動きが始まったのです。w00rkはImpact Hub Islingtonの創設メンバーでしたが、その後、企業の所有権および経営権を取得。コミュニティ・インタレスト・カンパニー(CIC)へとシフトさせました。Impact Hub Islingtonは、2016年にイズリントン市議会や地元の芸術慈善団体と協力して、オールド・ストリートの創造的産業拠点を設立しました。さらにこの動きは、2017年にディングリー・プレイスに新たな空間を作ることにつながりました。

Impact Hub King's Cross

LOCATION: King’s Cross, London
CLIENT: Global Hub Association
TYPOLOGY: Design, Build
FLOOR AREA: 2,700 sq. ft.

The Hub Kings Cross was the second Impact Hub to open in London, only a couple of hundred meters from the original Impact Hub in Islington. In 2005, w00rk were commissioned to refurbish the existing Grade II listed building to provide a multifunctional design and services fit-out to accommodate meeting and conference space, events space, exhibition gallery, cafe bar and drop in workspace. 

Impact Hub King's Cross

クライアント: Impact Hub King’s Cross
分野: Design, Build

Impact Hub King’s Crossはロンドンで2番目にオープンしたImpact Hubで、IslingtonのオリジナルのImpact Hubの近所に位置します。会議やカンファレンス用のスペース、イベントスペース、展示ギャラリー、カフェ・バー、ドロップ・インのワークスペースなど多機能なデザインとサービスを展開するために2005年に依頼を受け、w00rkは歴史的重要建築物件グレードIIである建物を改装しました。

Impact Hub Westminster

LOCATION: Haymarket, London
CLIENT: Westminster City Council
COMPLETION: 2008 - 2018
TYPOLOGY: Design, Build, Operate, Transfer
FLOOR AREA: 12,000 sq. ft.

In 2010 w00rk was commissioned by Westminster City Council to undertake a feasibility study into models for maximising enterprise spaces and affordable workspace in the borough. The study ultimately led to the development of Impact Hub Westminster, the largest Impact Hub in the world at the time. The company was set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) with w00rk as a 40% shareholder. 

w00rk were appointed the project delivery lead, which included designing and fitting out the 12,000 sq. ft. space, as well as setting up and managing all operational aspects of the business during its first year, at which point it reached operational break-even with a membership of over 500.

After 7 years of operations, Impact Hub Westminster was closed in 2018 as the site was planned for redevelopment. 

期間:2008 - 2018
分野:Design, Build, Operate, Transfer

w00rkは2010年、ウェストミンスター市から依頼を受け、自治体内に企業空間と手ごろな価格のワークスペースを最大化するモデルの実現性について研究を行いました。その結果、当時世界最大のインパクト・ハブであるImpact Hub Westminsterが作られたのです。w00rkグループ会社が40%株主として、コミュニティ・インタレスト・カンパニー(CIC)が設立されました。


この事業の7年後、Impact Hub Westminsterは再開発の計画が立てられた2018年に閉鎖されました。

Impact Hub Brixton

CLIENT: Lambeth Council
COMPLETION: February 2014 – ongoing
TYPOLOGY: Design, Build, Operate
FLOOR AREA: 3,300 sq. ft.

In February 2014, w00rk were commissioned by Lambeth Council to deliver a pilot co-working space within Lambeth Town Hall as part of their Employment and Enterprise strategy development. w00rk developed the organisational and operational model, oversaw the start-up process including design and fit-out and managed all operational aspects of the business. 

In 2015 Impact Hub Brixton was decanted from the Town Hall into the newly build POP Brixton and was spun out as a wholly independent company from the Council, now under 100% w00rk ownership and management. Impact Hub Brixton continues to be owned and operated by w00rk as a charity. 

分野:Design, Build, Operate


2015年にImpact Hub Brixtonは市役所から新たに建造されたPOPブリクストンに移り、100%の所有・管理のもと市から完全に独立した会社となりました。Impact Hub Brixtonは引き続き慈善事業としてw00rkグループ会社の所有・運営のもと続いています。